The Ambient Society






Ayurveda review in Side Line Magazine:
'' I’ve to say that this album was an absolute masterpiece. The Ambient Society explored a pure electro-ambient universe mixed with Eastern chants and influences whole driven by a sensual down-tempo rhythmic.''
Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie by The Ambient Society: 

‘’I think that when you listen to this album, you are immediately stricken to the soul. At some points, I think you've reached something almost otherworldly, supernaturally mysterious and beautiful... And I think you've managed the effect hinted in the title: like those who ate ambrosia in the legend, you can actually develop a sort of "addiction" to the music and the lyrics.’’

The Ambient Society ft Spades - Livin Da High Life review by Ad Lamerigts (Conductor & Music Educator): 
''My first acquaintance with the album "Livin Da High Life" by The Ambient Society ft Spades was an eye-opener for me. The rich timbre intrigued me so I kept listening over and over again. If you are brave enough you find yourself in an extremely fascinating and sometimes hallucinatory soundscape of beautiful compositions with an unprecedented dynamic palette. Highly recommended for those open to new sound experiences. 
Hats off to The Ambient Society & Spades!'' 

iTunes reviews: 

Too Much inspiration On Raspberry Days (feat. Suzy):
Too Much Inspiration On Raspberry Days feat. Suzy is an audacious and paradisical tapestry of delights. Mighty, diverse, fresh and dynamic. Deep, mesmerizing and trance-inducing stuff: a gorgeous musical trip for sure! With Too Much Inspiration On Raspberry Days, The Ambient Society again offers passion, listening delight and great musicianship. An excellent, splendid and powerful album with moments of heartbreaking delicacy.
Guest vocalist Suzy sings in no less than 3 different languages, including French (Zenith), German (Das Flustern) and English! It's amazing how many colors she's able to produce with her voice. Infectious and irresistible.
The Ambient Society ft Spades - Livin Da High Life: 
Totally in love with this album! Spades voice sounds like a mixture between Muse and Radiohead - amazing! 
Clairvoyance ft Suzy: 
With Clairvoyance ft Suzy, The Ambient Society again offers passion, listening delight and great musicianship. An excellent, splendid and elegant love song with moments of heartbreaking delicacy. Thanks you for conveying love! 
Polygon Lunasol: 

The magic of the album lies in The Ambient Society's complex and challenging sonic vision on modern electronica, which is both inspiring and thought provoking. Polygon Lunasol sounds like a beautifully modulated meditation on epic melody. A gorgeous musical trip for sure!

Chilled Stylish Electronica 
Three words: Chilled Stylish Electronica 
This extraordinary album combines the light with the dark, the beatiful with the mysterious. A world of nu-jazzyish trip hop beats and floating intimite chillout. Meditative, ethereal and cinematic. One of the most exquisite instrumental records ever made in The Netherlands. 
Recommende if you like serene and mesmerizing music. 
Lounge music to have dreams by... 
Underground by The Ambient Society is an essential listening for anyone who is interested in fine relaxing tunes. This is lounge music to have dreams by... My personal favourite tracks include: 
Daintiness (Vegas Mix)
Simple Flower
Trinity (Om Mani Padme Hum Mix)
The quality of this well crafted album, full of brilliant electronic wizardry and near mystical stylings, is excellent and a refreshing change from the mainstream music that is out there at the moment. The Ambient Society - Underground, containing 12 wondrous and strange avant garde tracks, is an essential addition to any music lover's library. 

Your music is very unusual and aesthetic.
I appreciate such research of mixing of sounds,
and people like you who are audacious enough to present a new kind of music.
Beautiful discovery ! 

Sonic Sonority: 
Filmic quality 
There's a filmic quality, and epic edge.... to this that I really like - and there's a hint ofthe Eastern promise here,... The drums/percussion actually brings to mind some of Brian Eno's 'Another Green World' rhythms from that album.... part machine, part jungle tribal. 
The arrangements and orchestration are very good.... the cleverly woven orchestral elements I mean, nice layering, stunning melodic progressions.... remind me of some of the lovely simple melodies of Andy McKay (on early Roxy Music stuff like 'Ladytron'). 
Although possessing quite a dense layering of sounds it still retains a basic minimalism that doesn't sound hurried or laboured... 
Random Equations makes me think of Boards Of Canada and Future Sound Of London. I love this track a lot. It puts me in a very cool headspace, and I never question anything that happens in the song. 
The Ambient Society brings together some of the lushest multi-layered soundscapes you're likely to hear, with touches of Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and Orbital, and an undercurrent of Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, Salt Tank and even Download. 
Very nice! Very Relaxing...... quality stuff! 

Phantom Fundamental: 
Avant Garde 
The Ambient Society does it again. This ecclectic album consists of esotheric psybient avant garde electronica, danceable, loungeable and cruisable, with sparse parlando vocals by Mister Ambient himself.
Favorite is Phantom Frequencies.
''A sound is said to have a missing fundamental, suppressed fundamental, or phantom fundamental when its overtones suggest a fundamental frequency but the sound lacks a component at the fundamental frequency itself. However, the brain perceives the pitch of a tone not only by its fundamental frequency, but also by the ratio of the higher harmonics. Thus, we may perceive the same pitch (perhaps with a different timbre) even if the fundamental frequency is missing from a tone.'' 

Music For Meditation: 
Meditative and relaxing 
Meditative and relaxing, yoga & zen... 

Rhythm 'n Stealth Ft Mic Most: 
Electronica meets Hip Hop 2.0 
Electronica meets Hip Hop 2.0. This is better than Massive Attack!! Music with a message...Teh dopeness !! 
Miscellaneous reviews 
The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly 
hello!!! This one is very surprising! Strange feel! Downtempo... Heavy beats! 

Very original, lots of character!

I like a lot your use of the voices samples....

..agree with others, top track!

To me the last 2 tracks I heard from you were the best of your material, you seemed to have found the right "weirdness factor" to please me. I always have heard top production skills, but now it is on the artistic and creative side that you impress. Lots of inspiration and purpose in those tracks. Just sounding good is not enough for me. But with originality and aesthetics like this you start to sound like FSOL, the Orb and other of my atmospheric favorites..... keep them coming!!!!

--waverider, 28 May 2007 
The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly 
Nice one. Top prod. 

Congrats mate.

--Alex PG, 27 May 2007 
The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly 
Yet another very inventive track from you, this is brilliant. i don't know what's coming when i play one of your tracks, which is good. The mix and production is crystal clear and dynamic. can't fault it really. Top track. 
--.blipp., 26 May 2007 
The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly 
I concur, top track TE. Cool
It feels like it sucks you backwards and forwards... really strange feeling... aye, that organ does work well..... some great sections in this.


--bigT, 25 May 2007 
The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly 
nice choon!! I like this alot! Especially the production and FX work on it - very clean. I like most everything about it. The drumset style drums. The razor sharp bass sound. And The organs. I love the organs! I've always wanted to use organ in music but could never use them properly. I wasn't too sure about the vox at first but they go very well with the organ sounds. 
--Absorb Fish, 25 May 2007 
Disturbance (dark melodic electronica) 

Very nice and cool, keeps a good mood happening, and I especially like the ominous rumbling rhythm in the "adagio" section. The more active rhythm was a surprise, though for me that section it could have done with a bit more build up a bit sooner - by the end it was cooking nicely however. Overall a good listen.


--unread pages, 18 May 2007 
Disturbance (dark melodic electronica) 
ooooh sweet strings, have a nice dark feel and in places a very light hint of Eyptian theme. You'd been very good at scoring movies I reckon. I loved it hen it all kicked off around 2 minutes or so, although I woulda like the beats to kick that little bit harder. overall mate, a top tune 
--Nuff X, 18 May 2007 
Disturbance (dark melodic electronica) 
nice and dark, great work on strings.
a lot of nice change was introduced in this track, my only wish is that you did more change-ups with the percussion. still a top track and my new fav that I have heard from you. Good work!
--rewir3d, 17 May 2007 
Disturbance (dark melodic electronica) 
This is excellent. Those dark string sounds are really nice, reminding me of Dead can Dance. The part when the percussion comes in is a great progression. I love your constant willingness to experiment. Brilliant work as always from you. An awesome piece of work. 
--.blipp., 17 May 2007 
Disturbance (dark melodic electronica) 
--TripmC, 15 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
oooh, this is nice. reminds me of why i first sorta got into idm. flip, clever, and different; and you pulled in that nice melody in the second part to make it all gel together. 

onto the jopy idm station you go, young man!

--jopy, 11 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
As everyone else has said the beats are really well done. 

Nice smooth organish pad that comes in around 1:30.

The contrast between the busy beats and the slow, drawn out pads is nice.

It's pretty amazing the richness you pull off with what essentially sounds like three voices - drums, organ pad, string pad. Maybe there's more in there, but that's what I'm hearing.


--merlinmcbain, 09 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
this reminds me of akufen. nice glitched out percussion and interesting drum breaks goin on. Once the melodic elements kicked in it set it off.
I thought it was a good piece.
--][ndy, 08 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
great track again te, superb percussion, nice pads to! top stuff m8. dave. 
--nation2, 08 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
Wow! Shocked 

My Nitendo has got a mind of it's own, it thinks it is related to the Warp record label.

This is really good. You keep coming up with new material. It's always fun to guess what your next offering will sound like. I like this a lot.

Perfect production as always. Top marks!

In a bit, Duncan.

--Dr. Nimble, 05 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
Yes, totally awesome track and awesome production. The melodic parts sound wonderful against the manic electro beats. Top track. 
--.blipp., 05 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
Have to agree with minorthreat, cant really find anything i would change, really like it. 
--meoduiske, 02 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
amazing production ..sounds great ..I have nothing bad to say 
--applekid01, 03 May 2007 
Alternate State (Percussive IDM) 
awesome track... dare I say your best yet. Superb! The pads are especially nice with the crazy drums. 
--electric salmon, 02 May 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
sounds amazing..great job! 
--applkit01, 23 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
top quality tune, i heard the original as well, was great... 

i like that mysterious vibe, the piano enhances the whole sounds and the vox fit in very well... clean production as well

as i said great stuff as always

--wavemaster, 22 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
this is top stuff mang.. I'm really not sure which I prefer, this or the original, so nice job because I really liked the original... solid. 
--electric salmon, 22 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
Hell yes, this is friggin awesome. I love it. 
--order of elim, 21 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
This is one of mouse's best ever tracks imo so i was interested to hear your remix. As northcape says, it does'nt differ too much, but it still sounds excellent non the less. This does have a very nice etherial vibe to it. This would make a good partner to the original on a single. Nice one, enjoyed a lot. 
--.blipp., 17 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
great remix this te . very haunting and cinematic, 2nd mouse is very pleased going by his comment on fsor, wonderful stuff! dave. 
--nation2, 17 April 2007 
2ndMOUSE - Plainsong (The Ambient Society Remix) 
The space in the remix definitely fits the song title, its quite clean and simple but enjoyably so. I had to listen to the original after hearing this, you've kept the main melody which is very nice and quite essential to the piece, I almost prefer the your version without drums to be honest but they are both excellent 
--Northcape, 17 April 2007 
This has good suspensfull qualities to it... its an almost arabic melody which is very engaging indeed! 

The layers and textures work extremely well with each other. No critique.. just a huge Tumbs up Tumbs up!!!

--breakbeatpimp, 28 April 2007 
deep and engaging, as most of your stuff is.
I like the glitchy flow of the percussion and drum line.
Dont know why but this reminds me of the moody blues.
--][ndy, 28 April 2007 
this has a nice post rock vibe to it. lots o verb, sounds kind of wash over you. build ups, cool downs. nice one. 


--merlinmcbain, 28 April 2007 
yea this is definately a nice one! 
--thestash16, 27 April 2007 
fook yeah man, I love the organic yet kind of mechanical feel to it... really excellent... I would have to agree about one of your best ever. The way the voices are worked in is fuckin phenomenal, bro. Keep poppin those super shrooms over there in the netherlands my friend. 
--electric salmon, 26 April 2007 
another massive track from you te! this is quality, Two Thumbs enjoying it here tonight with fantastic offerings from yourself , mouse and blipp ! Headphones . dave 
--nation2, 26 April 2007 
yeah, awesome track once the drums come in. Diggin it! 
--order of elim, 26 April 2007 
have to agree with the above... great track, i really liked the scale u used for the melodies, gives this kinda mysterious feel... great drumwork as well 
--wavemaster, 26 April 2007 
This is wonderful, one of your best ever imo. Gorgeous the way you blended the sounds and built it up, and it was the icing on the cake when those glitchy drums came in, just right. Excellent. Loved it. 
--.blipp., 26 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
ha ha! that's supa dupa! 
--jopy, 11 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
this is great, man..the drum loops are just great. all the sounds and the melody is beautiful, and dissonant at the same time. i like where the percussion sits, too...kinda far back but it suits the track...breakdown is fantastic... 
--PuttyJakt, 07 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
I like this darker edge from you. Very good tune. 

Love the evil breakdown at the 2:20 mark. The mix and production is to your usual high standards. Brillient choice of sounds.

I can't say much more, other than I really, really liked it.

In a bit mate, Duncan.

--Dr. Nimble, 5 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
...well keep being dark then!!!!! Smile excellent, could be my favorite of yours... lots of fun listening to it 3 times in a row.... greeeat track!!!! lots of inspiration on this one, you connect to something deep, keep exploring your dark side! still it come across to me as a happy feel, what do you want, I am twisted. 
--waverider, 03 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
great track... gives me a bit of a BoC vibe which is always a good thing. Nice of nice little details in here. 
--electric salmon, 03 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
TE Distant Rumblings- really great. wide and vibrant. great filtering and that "woo ooo" sound became trance like. wish there was a modern equivalent to the film "heavy metal" because this would go right with it. 
--zonemusicinc, 02 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
te. enjoyed this. more cinematic than usual, and ive got blips going through a wormhole going round my mind! wonderful sounds youve used here, theres a beautiful ambience under the drum track, good one te. 
--nation2, 02 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Distant Rumblings 
This is certainly a darker one from you. This made me think of zooming through a wormhole to a distant galaxy for some reason, it had an urgent feel to it. Wonderful production and imaginative choice of sounds. Enjoyed it, but i do prefer your more melodic outings . This track would fit great on an album i think. Nice work. 
--.blipp., 02 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
ah, another success story. i could be your publicist this afternoon. lots of good stuff! 

loved that throaty bass tone and those crunchy crunchy drums. i usually get turned off extremely by anything that sounds like a synthesizer imitating a real instrument, but that lead thing sounded like a cranky old cathederal organ so i still like this a lot. you do a great job with keeping lots of spacy elements separate and clean in a swirling mix-o-rama.

--jopy, 11 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
te, love this m8, i agree with nimble, this should be out there, your stuff is refreshing and real quality. dave. 
--nation2, 05 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
Bleedin' hell. Your stuff is getting seriously good at the moment. You need to get this out into the market. The melody played by the pan-pipe sound is excellent. My sort of tune most deffo. 

The 'white noise' kind of sound works very well. Dark music always puts me in a good mood.

Well done!!!!!!

In a bit mate, Duncan.

--Dr. Nimble, 05 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
great texture of sound you cooked up there.... always interesting to listen to your works. refreshing title. 
--waverider, 04 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
Excellent track. The percussion is wonderful, just perfect. very interesting choice for the lead instrument that gave it a sort of medieval
feel. Great arrangement that kept things interestin and flowing all the way through. Top track.
--.blipp., 04 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
real nice man, excellent actually! 
--pastichio medley, 03 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
you're on a roll m8... one of the best I've heard from you. Really awesome track - kinda oriental sounding, sweet. 
--electric salmon, 02 April 2007 
The Ambient Society - Modesty 
wow TE that was deep. surreal and dreamy. great filtering, choice of sounds and note changes. takes you away for a moment. good job. 
--zonemusic, 02 April 2007 
Dave Pugh & The Ambient Society - Luctor et Emergo 
thanks jopy, was great to do another collaboration with te who i admire and respect so much 
--nation2, 13 April 2007 
Dave Pugh & The Ambient Society - Luctor et Emergo 
a very thicky and throaty space jam sirs, simple and effective without excessive mucking about. 

hats off!

--jopy, 11 April 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
This is just as good as Massive Attack. Seriously impressive vocals and music and its definitely the best track I've heard from you, as well as the best track I've heard today. Its going onto my station. 
--Northcape, 07 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 

Smooth. This is a well executed track. I really liked how the vox and the rhythm section are synced up. Every once in a while the kick supports accents in the vox. Nice detail. That deep bass felt like a nice warm blanket. Wink


--merlinmcbain, 07 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
The Dopeness. Very nice track. i kinda only have 2 real tiffs with it though. 1. The vox sometimes gets drowned out alot by the atmosphere - to the point where I'm very distracted.
2. the vox's liquidy effects. I kinda wouldn't mind if it was on part of the vox track but it covers it during the entire track.

otherwise, i like it alot. real ear candy for ambient + hip hop fans alike.

--Absorb Fish, 06 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
exellent track te, left you a comment on fsor. dave. 
--nation2, 05 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
this is extremely well done. I'm very impressed. Great tune! 
--arglebargle, 03 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
holy shit, this is surprisingly awesome, even for a T.E. track. and thats hard to top. man this is really, really good. the mc has a real good flow. and the extra weird vocal in there is SIC. 

brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

--PuttyJakt, 03 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
very nice tune, excellent production and finally i hear a song here that atually has something meaningful to say 
--danwest12345, 02 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
wow. this is truely sick. too bad no download 
--U4eA, 3 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
daaaaaamn! The more I listen to your tunes, the more my respect for you as an artist grows. This is a very nice track! The rhythmic almost spoken-word type vocals were perfect over this beautiful loungesque back beat. 
--nobsquad, 2 Mar 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
--Nuff X, 29 Feb 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
hell yeah 
--order of elim, 29 Feb 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
I'm no rap fan, but i have to say this is AWESOME. The combination of the vocal over the excellent soundscapes is wonderful. I can't fault it either. One of the most imaginative tracks i've heard for a while. Superb. 
--.blipp., 28 Feb 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Mic Most - Rhythm 'n Stealth 
This is a seriously cool tune. Honestly, I haven't heared anything as good as this (within this genre) since "Dusted" by Leftfield, and some of the Massive attack tunes. 

No critical comments at all. You have nailed it and cracked it!

--Dr Nimble, 28 Feb 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
Truely superb... nothing more to added, loved every second of it. 
--Nuff X, 17 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
This is one fine tune. Sounds ready for the general music market. Great work all round. Stunning vocals, quality instrumental that is very well produced. 

Top marks!!!

--Dr Nimble, 18 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
yeah man,. jealous of your singer bigtime - definately keep her. 

Cant pick anything wrong with this. Commercial quality mainstream pop.
Nice real guitarwork there. Great work sir! Wayda stamp your authoriteh!

--mrd, 18 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
simply delicious 
--SpinVector, 18 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
hey now, this is really cool pop!!!! what a fantastic fucking singer man. you guys are a great team. keep her. 
--timothyp, 18 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
Not much elese I can add to whats already been said, excellent track man, congrats to you both. Thumbs up 

Rachels voice reminds me a little of Beth Orton.... kind of.

Good stuff.


--bigt, 19 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
very pretty voice. very nice composition. very streamlined and focused. i like this
You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream. I'd rather live it, cause dreamers always chase but never get it
--danwest, 18 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
bloody brilliant! wonderful peice te. dave 
--nation2, 17 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
hell yeah this is awesome. every part. 
--order of elim, 17 jan 2007 
The Ambient Society feat. Rachel Margaret: Solitude 
This is excellent .. all around. not much else to say .. 


Bravo and congrats.

--RJ, 16 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
Goddamn your pimping em out ATM mate!
Really liked this one - its put me in a good mood, which is nice. Very Happy
I'd have to agree with tha Nimble and say some progression in the chords wouldn't have gone amiss but thats just nitpicking...

Coo' choon.


--bigT, 16 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
Nice one mate. 

Pretty relaxing. Like the littl' vocals.

The drums quiet surpised me (fast) but i got used to them asfter a few time.

Nice job.

--Alex PG, 16 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
Pretty coo man! This isnt really the music i typically make, so my feedback may not help you grow as an artist, but, i was doing this --> Headphones , so maybe that means somethin 
--Street J, 16 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
ahhhh pure bliss!!!This is a relaxing yet a active lil groove you got here love those rich pads The quality is very nice there's not to much crunch to the beat but that made for a nice touch Very Happy 

I'm going to add this track to my station for sure

--digital something, 14 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
hi te, beautifull track, played through most your tracks earlier whilst decorating the new babys room, big things coming your way i think ( and hope) great stuff. dave. 
--nation2, 13 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
Very nice chord work, blended well with the smooth vocals. The production is pretty crisp. This would make an excellent soundtrack for a panoramic sweep over a beautiful landscape, or a come-up/down scene in a party film Wink . 

My only two bits of advice (from my point of view) would be to have a go at bringing the drums out a bit. Particularly the kicks and snares. You could try varying the chord sequence around the mid-point of the song to give an extra dimension.

But putting this aside, I have to say I am a fan of this track! Nice one.

Take care, Duncan.

P.S. I made the changes you suggested on my track, plus a bit more work on the mix. Sounds a lot better. So thank you for the advice.

--Dr Nimble, 13 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
eally liked this piece quite a bit.... no qualms about the production on these crappy laptop speakers but I'm looking forward to giving it another listen through the cans l8r... 
--electric salmon, 13 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
great track!!!! Smile very lush pads.... great rythmics.... the only criticim I can find would be a more punchy and clear mix... must be hard to mix, cause you are between lush spaciness and punchy breakbeat... anyway great stuff one of my fav of yours! Smile 
--waverider, 13 jan 2007 
Aurora Silk 2007 Remix 
I heard this earlier reviewing your album, so I'll send you my comments then, but this is a stand-out track, very chilled and highly recommended! 
--northcape, 12 jan 2007 
Variations On A Theme (piano recording) 
te - both tracks are fantastic. the second, being my favorite, is beautiful.. i wish i could actually play the piano like that. very nice. 
--Kwijy, 14 jan 2007 
Variations On A Theme (piano recording) 
Had a listen to Variations on a theme. A wonderful peice TE, you're a great pianist (much better than me!) 
--SpinVector, 13 jan 2007 
Variations On A Theme (piano recording) 
Recordings a bit noisy but both of those are super sweet. 
--Signal:Noise, 13 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 

and managed a somewhat successful outcome here as well.
Yeah, could also definitely see this with vocals, would work a treat.
As ever with you, it's a very lovely slice of music by itself but with vocals this would be very very grand indeed.
Liked it!!


--drt, 12 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
one word ....Sweet! 

love the percussion, pads, and overall atmosphere of this piece.
progression is on point and it never felt repetitive or drawn out.

Ps: great work on the drumline.

--][ndy, 8 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
yeah man cool shit. would probably be fine w/out vocals too.. 
--order of elim, 8 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
wonderful piece of music te, cant wait to here the finished version! dave. 
--nation2, 7 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
for some reason, reminds me of the beat on 2pacs "until the end of time." 
--The Lords Of Mysterious, 7 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 

i like it... 

nice atmosphetic pads over tight beats...
wanna hear it wid the vocals...

i'll be back...

--Omnisine, 7 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
A very nice slab of chilled out electronica, te ! This would make a perfect soundtrack for some type of arthouse film. Nce stuff mate 

best wishes

--amorphix, 3 jan 2007 
Dirty East Side 
nice beat for raps. that fade @ about 3:00 is mad tight. does your boy have the lyrics yet? 

generally speaking, it's uber cool to cross/mesh genres like this.

--reconsiderate, 3 jan 2007 
I like the bits drt mentioned as not liking too much... the mmmm's.... and the violin type ethnic instrument gives it a nice 'Lawrence of Arabia' camels thing... the (Atmosphere-ic?) drones add a melancholic air like the call to prayer...... maybe I'm thinking about Saddam Hussein's execution earlier today and the plight of the Middle East? 

The seeming chaos of the dnb and the radio type intereference all mix together well here......

It's a beautiful piece.....

--RobotArchie, 30 dec 2006 
wow, this is just brilliant. made my saturday morning, what a great start to the day. must go and create now!!!!! happy new year to you t.e. dave 
--nation2, 30 dec 2006 
Moody stuff.
Very ethereal at the beginning but a nice contrast with the overdriven drum/synth.
--drt, 28 dec 2006 
cool track, I like how the intense rhythms ride the calm mmmmm's... makes for a very interesting and enjoyable piece 
--electric salmon, 29 dec 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
Congratulations on being picked for artist of the month, it couldn't go to anyone more deserving imho. Well done sir. Thumbs up! 

Just listened to your "Endemic Endorphine " track and i love it. Great atmosphere and overall mix of sounds. This is one of the most original tracks i've heard for a long time and is definitely my fave of your's so far. Excellent stuff.

--.blipp., 28 Nov 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
thankyou for doing the remix and artwork t.e. im really pleased, happy , exited and proud, ( as you can tell i think its amazing!) thanks again. dave. 
--nation2, 8 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
I'm getting an instant Massive Attack 'Mezzanine' - "Angel" - type hit ....... this is brilliant! Heavy shit...... great vocal..... tasteful music... 

I'm such a TAS fan! Totally fab!

--RobotArchie, 7 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
eah, i like that. But i would put an original Roland Bassliner Bass on it,
that it goes more and more in deep-bass-tripy-trance-techno-psychedelic.
At least, i would put 1 or 2 clean sounds on it.
But its also good enough - i put it on my preselection-station!
--Tripm C, 7 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
I had to close my eyes in extacy. 

Rough beats are pure killing quality.

stinging them with madness.


that hits the spot.

I think i like ambians more now.

Being a beat junky you can see the flow that i am taking.


--ifunkus, 7 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
Yup nice original track and nice remix.
Dig the vocals and the "massive attack" style mood.

Congrats to both of you.

--Alex PG, 10 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
nice job on the remix... I dig both versions and feel like they both have their place. Great work! 
--electric salmon, 10 Dec 2006 
Against You (The Ambient Society Remix) 
wow !! TAS fingers in every pie lol
Daves got a great voice , like a cross between an arabic chant and a regga dancehall meats public image limited kinda voice
I havent heard the original but this is great fella -- its edgey , its brazen , its bold -- great chopped drum work -- love it man !!!
--2ndMouse, 13 Dec 2006 
Against you (The Ambient Society Remix) 
yep. digging it!!!i like when he sings with more angst a lot.!!!! 

very cool.

--timothyp, 7 Dec 2006 
Synthetic Nature 
i like the swing on the bassline, the beat is kinda funky, it all sounds hollow, but kinda cool that way.i like that plucked synth, it sounds nice.the overall track has a nice vibe. the bass gets a little droning monotonous, but cool nonethe less. 
--timothyp, 4 Dec 2006 
nice calm peice. IMO i would like to hear a different drum beat but thats just a preferance thing. nice production though, clean and clear. 
--e0nic, 6 Dec 2006 
lush track, beautiful stringy synthy things, drums are nice and punchy, great mix, yep pro stuff this, like gliding over teh plains on a fresh spring morning 
--wushuman, 3 Dec 2006 
cool song really digging it,nice chord progression and sounds
--dlinquint, 3 Dec 2006 
i do like this, it is very soothing. i would like to hear more synths, like some tinkling, some more leads and stuff to really keep you hooked, it gets a little monotonous in the same chord structure with the same synths. overall it is very soothing. 
--timothyp, 29 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
Nice production. It sounds very new-age-ish. 
--sugarnuts, 29 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
sounds great, the king of ambient rules again 
--pastichio medley, 28 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
really enjoyed this track, as i do all your stuff!! dave. 
--nation2, 28 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
great beat and ambience, sort of joyfully wicked mood, starts a little rough, but good groove! 
--waverider, 28 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 

it took me a while to get used to the ambient space you put this in. But once I got the vibe all was well. This piece builds nicely. Nicely chilled out.


--merlinmcbain, 28 Nov 2006 
Endemic Endorphine 
aight, i can feel this....i was gonna rail you like i always do about lack of percussional evolution, but instead, i was immersed in groove, and realized, that was all the evolution it needed, to just take you away for a bit is the point...and you did it well..i like you four to the floor stuff the best to be honest, you have a good knack for taking the listener to lal la land. nice. 
--timothyp, 28 Nov 2006 
Chemistry - woah.. <3 ing this lionlike bass noise at first contact, the lighter beat is more fitting for the drawn bass tones than the last one although i think mouse might be onto something with the beat, perhaps pull back the verb a bit on the percussion side of things to liven some of it up and bring it forth a smidge maybe. nice paddy spacey ambience, the lead noise (similar to the one in absorbtion) works better with this one, everything else is contrasting enough that it adds something more this time around... enjoying it but youre sitting on the groove forever again Wink suppose you get that when you've got the word ambient in your name.
Masterful work though, really have to try to be critical with most of your stuff.
--mrd, 19 Nov 2006 
absorption - wow.. ok the break and subtle groovy acid doohicky at 2:15 im liking.. not big on the lead and the bass noise is powerful but.. (and its probably my system..) its woofling along on a heck of a lot of long tones lik a balad, i think the soft cutoff makes it sound a tad reverbed.. a little overpowering imo to do so says my ears on my setup (sounds suspiciously like im getting a fair ammount of tuned port resonance in there to me so dun think bigly of it - i know i know, monitors). 
--mrd, 17 Nov 2006 
" chemistry " is sonically very strange as that initial bass seems to sit in a very full stereo space -- it takes up a lot of room . Think the beats could do with being pulled to the front a bit more as they lose a bit of impact , and they sound like they could have a bit more drive to them when ya hear the beat on its own at the tail end of the track. Not feeling it as much as your previous ones mate , but still pretty solid 
--2ndMouse, 18 Nov 2006 
just listened to chemistry, another class offering from you! dave. 
--nation2, 18 Nov 2006 
Random Equations make me think of BoC and FSOL. I love this track a lot. It puts me in a very cool headspace, and I never question anything that happens in the song. 

Very cool track.

edit: oh yeah, i guess i should review chemistry. That track is cool too. I like the instrument at a minute in. I still like Random Equations more though.

--TheGet, 17 Nov 2006 
i do like reminds me of a pinnacle point in a movie when the hero is in his training mode.reflecting about points in their life that has got them to this is a very good track to just chill out is very emotional and simple in its conveyance.nice work. 
--timothyp, 17 Nov 2006 
sounds pretty fat man, nice work. I like the lead synth a lot, works well over the deeper synths.....pretty catchy melody! 
--electric salmon, 18 Nov 2006 
another great track, what more can i say! dave 
--nation2, 18 Nov 2006 
i like this song it had a nice sound to it and a good drum beat to it. 
--rewir3d, 18 Nov 2006 
nice energy.the slimy synth is really cool.but: THE BEAT!!!! i need some oomph, the bd is almost non existent(or, i digress, not enough presence to make itself known).the snare seems to be very did a really awesome job with the synths and the feel and atmosphere.a+ there.but i am very let down by the beat, and feel with a properly beefy beat and some more percussion evolution this track will be amazing. 
--timothyp, 16 Nov 2006 
yeah agreed very airy pad there - however it works for changing the feel a bit to the alternative - it hasn't taken me to a desert but more a cold tundra - theres more green, the small dub bits definately depict isolation. 

I have been taking big notes from your work/methods lately TE, you've been extremely helpful to my personal development.
The horny/woody instrument there (oboe layered with very light english horn?) creates a very nice tension.. I'd be very self controlled to leave it flowing for so long playing the same intervals for as long as you have, its very dragged out - so without visual accompanyment I would be tempted to introduce another feel somewhere about 1/2 to 2/3rds way through.

BUT! I have very energetic tastes and get off on rapid changes... far from a qualified ambient reviewer Very Happy so just keep doing what you're doing cos youre helping me more than I could help you i think hehehe.

--mrd, 14 Nov 2006 
hmmm...very interesting, the intro is peaking my into a progressive beat.i like the little dub parts.makes me feel like i am in the desert again, you on a eastern traditions trip mang?the pad is airy, but not overbearing.very emotional this piece is.goes back into the beat, you know what dude, would be amazing on this track, and you can get it:is a tabla line...oh my that would transform this track into the stratosphere.a thin tabla presence, oh yes!because, i mean it is 8+ minutes long.overall cool track, but i need a little more to keep me occupied for 8 minutes. 
--timothyp, 13 Nov 2006 
Nice tune there mate, it's got a great feel and sound to it 
--musicness2007, 17 Oct 2006 
There's a filmic quality.. an epic edge... to this that I really like - and there's a hint of the Eastern promise here that drt mentions..... the drums/percussion actually brings to mind some of Brian Eno's 'Another Green World' rythmns from that album.... part machine, part jungle tribal.... 

The arrangement is very good..... the orchestration I mean, nice layering.... the oboe lead is very nice... reminds me of some of the lovely simple melodies of Andy McKay (on early Roxy Music stuff like 'Ladytron').

Although possessing quite a dense layering of sound it still retains a basic minimalism that doesn't sound hurried or laboured.... the length would permit more melodic progression, which doesn't could stand having a 'climactic' sound... although I do like the drop to the stringsy drone in the middle which is repeated at the end.

Very nice! Very relaxing...... quality stuff!

--RobotArchie, 14 Nov 2006 
chemical brothers the test.
thats the first impression this gave me =]
--][indy, 14 Nov 2006 
how 'bout that. 

Like the beginning, the airiness is cool, the drums could be buffed up a little in the mix. Nice and repetitive. All in all, good track! You know I like your work \m/ >_< \m/


--veldgeest, 14 Nov 2006 
This is drt.
The beginning has a certain camels and desert quality to it, can just see someone coaxing out the snake, as it were.
Also like the way that the pads try to create a fairly dense wall of sound but would have liked to have heard that main synth line dropped out a bit more often. A little bit long and rather than trip hop, drt would say that this piece actually succeeds in creating a more wall of sound drone like quality, which is great in drts book!
--drt, 14 Nov 2006 
cool stuff mang. 
--order of elim, 10 Nov 2006 
Yeah this is deff hot. Very seductive in a "i shouldnt be seduced" kind of way. Its very well produced by the way. Nothing is overpowering or distastefull. It has a very polished soundtrack vibe going for it. I really couldnt pick out something i dont like to be honest. So yeah, great job. How the hell do you vote for a song to be hot again? Oh duh, nevermind i just remembered. Im gonna go give it a HOT 
--Yajhil, 6 Nov 2006 
what a cool piece of music! love it. all the sounds and production are just right to me . this is the style of music i could listen to all day. all the best. dave. 
--nation2, 4 Nov 2006 
Hello !
Is it still #8?
I voted HOT, hoping you will be #1 ! Wink

Great atmosphere. I particulary appreciated the bass, very "rock".
Good Job !
Bye !

--raf, 3 Nov 2006 
Very cinematic, seems to me like you have a knack for horror movies! 
--shperaclu, 3 Nov 2006 
Hella cool man, i definetly liked what i heard!
Keep up the nice work and cant eait to hear some more of your work.
--implore animosity, 1 Nov 2006 
I love that Eastern style hook, very nice use of pitch bending there. Cool
I'd say it seemed to build a bit slowly, it kind of got 'stuck' for me on the intro when I wanted it to take off faster. The rhythmic parts and vocal are very cool when they enter though. I'd just say that the whole thing developed too slowly for me and got a bit repetitive as well, I would have liked some kind of bigger change... its got some cool ideas though.
--northcape, 1 Nov 2006 
very interesting! GREAT TRACK! 
--waverider, 1 Nov 2006 
I can dig it.
got a futuristic feel to this.
very sparse and basic but has a great atmousphere.
--][ndy, 1 Nov 2006 
Hey TE, 

Just checking 'Resonance' now, very cool, chilled sound here.
Where are those vox from? they work well but do have that 'chopped up' feel to them, maybe try to smooth that out? might just be me being picky...
Its defo close your eyes and relax music, perfect for me as i'm just about to go to slumberland.
That first, main synth line has a very 'eastern' feel to it - there are some very slight pops on it, might wanna put some attack on it to try and counter-act that? when the percussion comes in, it really opens up the mix, some nice placement of instruments there. Plenty of variation going on here through fx's and arrangement changes although that main line could do with a little change but takes nothing away from the track.
Yeah, me likey.


--bigT, 31 Oct 2006 
commented on your stuff over on soundclick, amazing. classy , awesome. im a fan!!!! regards. dave. 
--nation2, 13 Nov 2006 
I agree with tim - it's getting late and I'm lost in the dessert with an old transistor radio which im sure is broken :...and theres like birds of prey nearby :\ .. and the ghosts of aboriginal anceints :lol
sweet track mate, that was a great journey.
--mrd, 6 nov 2006 
ome kewl effects in this one TE -- liked the reverse fades on the melody. I recognised the vocals but they sound different , so im thinkin you pitched syllables about from the originals -- it sounds smooth and as fluid as the original samples. Nice beats -- gives it a nice driven industrial feel to it. The telephone effect on the vocals works really well also ( bit of distortion on there too ?? ) --- its got my feet tappin and my knees bouncin up n down , so i feel the groove no problem. 
--2ndMouse, 5 Nov 2006 
eastern scales? i love it...a queen of the dessert walking slowly along the only well of water for miles, she is tempting you to come closer, but knowing only destruction is in her heart, you don't. The vocals are very cool, almost giving this dessert queen a personality other than a temptress with destructive intentions. it does lack a little bit in the full potential of it all, i mean it could explode a lot, but it stays at even keel. It is a very enjoyable listen, but it does not hold my attention enough for 6 plus minutes, that is my crit. 

Good job.

--timothyp, 1 Nov 2006 
Love the way you mix it up TE. great track! I get deserts and wastelands from this one. Where did you get those vocals? 

love your work.. peace.

--SpinVector, 1Nov 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
Flawless production as ive come to expect from you now -- you'll go far if you keep churning out tracks of this calibre. 
--2ndMouse, 28 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
this sounds very nice....i like the laid back semi-dub elements here. The drums could be brought up a bit with the exception of some of the treble. I would say since you dont change the initial melody too much you could compact this song to be at least 4 mins long. That way the progressions will be a bit faster and more powerful...just a thought, i do like the track though...good job!!! 
--timothyp, 23 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
Damn this is some quality stuff! Love the vibe of it. The sounds are great, although the main lead sound could be a bit more varying both in melody and in sound. This bothered me quite a bit in the track. 

What impress me most are the background sounds and effects. Very nice stuff. I think the beat could've been a bit more loud.

A bit more could've happened as the song went on in my opinion. And the lead sound is making me crazy. Very Happy

Still, very nice job.

--Speak, 23 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
very enjoyable track indeed... has a sounds from the ground vibe to it. 
--electric salmon., 26 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
Rock on mate 
--order of elim, 27 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
I like the percussion .. they are very light and crisp.. the synths are mixed well, I'm relatively new to electronica so it sounds original enough to me..I was expecting the bassline to change-up more , just because of the genre.. the lead synths handle the arragement well...
so it avoids sounding repetitve... plus the percusion sounds quite energetic and give the track spontanaity

great job


--RJchoice, 25 Oct 2006 
Raggamuffin Junction 
..very trippy, warm, I like the length... very good mix and synth sounds, overall very enjoyable. Maybe some sounds could be more original. 
--waverider, 24 Oct 2006 
Liquid Flow 
Yup, I listened, and I dug it. Very mellow. Not sure I'd call it IDM tho.... I thought IDM had to have weird chopped-up drums and stuff. 
--arglebargle, 200 Oct 2006 
Liquid Flow 
listening now, is that a guitar or synth weaving in and out of the track? whatever it is its very cool. nice track with a nice flow, good work 
--pastichio medley, 19 Oct 2006 
Liquid Flow 
I like it a lot, it is very etheral and mystic, hich i absolutly love, nice chord structures as well, like the arrangement and bridges..very simple yet the changes make the simplicity, when coming back to the riff that much rock! 
--Timothyp, 19 Oct 2006 
yo TE -- first couple of bars perfectly encapsulate the title -- like waking up and taking a first deep breath of fresh air. Kinda evokes pictures of being on top of a mountain taking in a vast panorama of mountain range all around ya , and feelin the cold air on your face.-- some really nice pads here , and great production as usual -- im sure the wav sounds crystal clear.
good work my friend !!
--2ndMouse, 15 Oct 2006 
wow so first i was about to say you are starting all your songs the same...but this one has many different elements which are sweet. i like that synth that sounds like a operah is rad man!!! big ups 
--timothyp, 14 Oct 2006 
Hey TE, 

What else can I say but whats gone before me?
excellent track fella, really like the atmosphere of it.
Maybe for some change/variation, the drums could have clarity for sections? not just phased/flanged all the way through? just a thought.
Either way, I enjoyed it.

--bigT, 18 Oct 2006 
Ever seen those late-70's manga series like ulysses? This track would fit beautifully is a series like that. Very organic chord progression. Funny how you turned the drum into some kind of synth itself with the reverb. 


--veldgeest, 17 Oct 2006 
It reminded me of the ebb and flow of a tide, and possibly a siren sitting on a rock combing her long golden hair. 
--jamesdyer, 16 Oct 2006 
anywayz, great tune, amazing atmosphere definately suits the name IMO, maybe its just me but it sounded to me like the pad is too loud on the hi-end or maybe too distorted, its minor but it just sounded to me like that (i'm listenning to it on headphones tho)...
oh and maybe it could've sounded better if the beat was a little louder, i understand that its not THE main part of the track, i just felt it got too much in the background...
loved the way it ended btw, kinda sudden but in a very good way Very Happy
other than i really liked it, i think i'm getting into this inteligent dance music stuff...
--The Wavemaster, 16 Oct, 2006 
Initially thought this had loads of distortion... then I realized my laptop sound was set too high. Embarassed 

Is that singing, or some kind of heavily processed sine lead? I honestly can't tell.

Anyway, it was nice and relaxing, though I felt you needed new ideas towards the end, like Northcape said. tis a good track indeed... vary up the composition some and you'll have a winner.

--arglebargle, 14 Oct 2006 
this is nice... warm sounds and some cool percussion. I'm not too sure how I feel about the singing... sometimes it works for me, maybe just a little too much of it. I really like that sound you use just a few times. Good job overall! 
--electric salmon, 14 Oct 2006 
Lovely choices of sounds here. Big, deep and slowly flowing track. Builds in a very organic way. Great surrealist melodies... I would say about the 2minute mark it seemed to need a bit more of a change though, some harder beats or something, the track seemed to drag out its ideas a bit too much for me. That said, its really excellent work. 
--northcape, 14 Oct 2006 
Realy like this track mate ! 

Its a bit like two tracks in one. Even if the melodic and bass remain the same in found the part with the drums quiet the style in mean.
What I like about your work is that, whatever the style of music you make, you always add a nice "ambient" touch.
The result are nice trippin' tracks.


--Alex PG, 6 Oct 2006 
wow dude, do you play guitar at all? if not then good programming, if so, then we need to collab...i am looking to do a breaks track with aggressive acoustic, anyways to the track....i do really like this, it sounds like u elevated this one to another level....i like how the padded soundefx actually serve as a purpose...the purpose is a rythmic one to my ears, which u would think would be the guitar, but the pads hold the guitar my ears at least...if you have a kitty cat or dog, just slap it...cause it deserved it for you making a nice atmospheric track that is emotional and poignant!! the beat! yeay...a little shrill on the OH, but i am just nit picking, why not, gotta find something...the track is good where i have to bitch about the! i like the little subtle things u do u got a long review out of me...hmmm...i guess I gots my game right today!!! 
--timothyp, 6 Oct 2006 
Tilted Axis 
TILTED AXIS: oh my, there is some nice texture going on here, wow, then it all kicks in, hey now kid... i likey!!! Very nice track man!!! interesting movement! likey the synths, oh you manimal! 
--timothyp, 14 Oct 2006 
Tilted Axis 
....smooth, cool n' groovy. (there's a comment!) 

It reminded me of something but can't put my finger on it.

--The Beatless, 6 Oct 2006 
Tilted Axis 
This is really good
I love the sounds in the intro
--hardhousehead, 6 Oct 2006 
Tilted Axis 
it's like pulling teeth getting some comments around here sometimes... anyways I really liked this one. Very easy on the ears but with a lot going on... very positive sounding, gives me good vibes. I think this track would work great in a videogame. I especially like that synth that creeps up every measure, helps create a nice flow. Solid track. 
--electric salmon, 6 Oct 2006 
Full Moon Effect 
wow, amazing tune... must say i'm not really into this genre, i do like to hear it from time to time... 

as it was mentioned the pads are amazing, really extraterrestrial sounding

--The Wavemaster, 30 Sep 2006 
Full Moon Effect Full 
Hello !
I added this one in my station "ambient melodies" too.
I loved the slow mellow, the strings and the beautiful pads.
Great !
--raf, 21 Sep 2006 
Full Moon Effect 
utterly fantastic little compressed snippets of wonderment! Awesome efforts! I've fallen for the beautiful melodic loop pieces by TAS in the end to tip the scale in this chalk'n'cheezer round... 
--RobotArchie, 10 Sep 2006 
Full Moon Effect 
TAS stunning! the track of the competition imo reminds me of skyliner by the prodigy. 
--absorp fish, 9 Sep 2006 
Sonic Sonority 
very very cool chord progression indeed. It really sweeps you through a range of emotions. I like the diversity of the synths you've used as well, they each have a distinctive vibe and yet they blend together beautifully. 

proper respect.

--veldgeest, 26 Sep 2006 
Sonic Sonority 
Personally I love the drums. Sounds a bit lamb-ish. Hahah nice. 
Sonic Sonority 
nice arrangement! 

the drums could be a little clearer? and a tiny bit louder? they are kind of wild? but they do seem to work with this particular track.

--KRISCHAK, 23 Sep 2006 
Sonic Sonority 
For some inexplicable reason, this solid tune was headed for page 2 with no comments. Rolling Eyes The chord progessions here are very evocative and unique. The progression seems to go back and forth between mystery and tragedy with a nice resolution every now and then. I can't say as the drum programming really jumped out at me, but I don't think this tune really calls for serious percussion. 
--merlinmcbain, 23 Sep 2006 
Sonic Sonority 
excellent TE -- really other-worldly --- loved the few instances where there was a vocal just peeking out from behind the main synthline , and it sounded really spot-on...not overdone.
I anticipated this would be good before i even listened cos you're on a roll right now. Reminded me of a mixture of Orbital , Jarre , and Vangelis.
Really nice track TE -- good work d00d !!!
--2ndMouse, 30 Sep 2006 
Sonic Sonority 
ahhh...i am being swept away, away to the nestling of particles, the simple flamingos of digitized parliament. oooohhh....then a beat comes in and sweeps me into a dancefloor filled with slumping office drones, they look at me and smile, they know I am the only one who has an affinity for pads and the love they bring. I like the progressions and additions of elements, nothing overdoing, just a chilling hookah track that makes you get all introspective....i think i like this one the best from you! 
--timothyp, 24 Sep 2006 
Autumn Breeze 
wooh, this is haunting! Scoobysnack! It reminds me of an old game i played on the sega.
How cool is that. Perhaps due to the arcadeness of the rain sample Smile
The drum (especially the snare drum) might be mixed a little louder imho.

Good work!

--veldgeest, 26 Sep 2006 
Autumn Breeze 
Very cool atmospher. Nice and relaxing. Perfect for me taking care of my roomies snot nosed brat this aft. 


--onemob, 25 Sep 2006 
a very pleasant listen TE whilst filling in job application forms.
Well thought out. No obvious flaws that i can hear. sounds great man
--2ndMouse, 26 Sep 2006 
this track is a beautiful juxtaposition of organic and uncanny, without sounding off balanced. cool track! 
--veldgeest, 26 Sep 2006 
Slow River Bend 
..good warm sound... a sort of retro/rock vintage sound. .. 

very nice feel !

--waverider, 15 Sep 2006 
Slow River Bend 
The song defiantly fit the title, it was like a slow river bed. Loved the way the bass worked so well with all the other instruments. Really enjoyed this track, nice work on this. Headphones 
--pastichio medley, 15 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
Hey TE, 

Again, can only agree with whats already been said, its defo close your eyes and sit back music... nice.


--bigT, 16 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
ooh, i got a new track to sample
guess ill have to shell out the 99c =]

i can picture all kinds of vibes to flow with this, already got an idea for a trip hop track.
thx for this and more plz Wink

--][ndy, 16 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
Very other-worldly indeed. This is a great chord progression and you've chosen some great sounds to go with it. I can see what Alastair means about it sounding like an intro as it has that weloming sory of feel to it, like an opening of a door to something that's going to be revealed. That said, it's still very nice on it's own and would make a great album opener imo. Cool 
--.blipp., 16 Sept 2006 
A New Dawn 
Those chords give this an otherworldly atmosphere, very nice progression there. Very chilled- nevertheless, this felt like an intro to a track to me, I think it needs something else to come in or something to change more than it does to give it more of a progression. That said, I like whats there. Cool 


--northcape, 15 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
The chord progressions and the voicing actually reminded me a bit of Eddie Jobson's work (UK, Zappa). This piece has a nice chilled out vibe to it. Definitely very relaxed. I like the combinations of sounds you used here. Nice effects slowing things down at the end. 



--merlinmcbain, 9 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
hmmm... i like it...i understand it, i feel its prescence. final fantasy anyone? it is simple, but aligned with the feeling of appropriate moods...maybe it caught me in a state of subtle alignment...proper. 
--timotyp, 11 Sep 2006 
A New Dawn 
Its got that jazzy detroit techno kinda sound....Juan Atkins sorta soundin..... 
--2ndMouse, 11 Sep 2006 
Aurora Silk 
I think that this needs some sharp marchingband type snares, to give a nice crsp contrast, because the drums seem lost.... Otherwise, this song is love!! 
--mugglefx, 8 Sep 2006 
Aurora Silk 
i am captured so far by the intro amazingly nice pads. The vocals work extremely well so far!! I really wasn't feeling the beat tho, i thought it really doesn't fit...for me....i felt it could be brought in a little better than it was. That might help with how it fits with the song. First impressions and such. I love everything but the beat. It is so rich and full...wonderful! 
--timothyp, 28 Aug 2006 
Aurora Silk 
Good to hear something a bit more uplifting.
I can only agree with all above, tis a good listen,
especially on this sunny evening! Very Happy
--bigT, 8 Sep 2006 
Aurora Silk 
This is nice mate. I like the distortion on the synths mixed with the mellow vocal (where is that from... I recognise it). Nice rolling junglistic breaks too! 
--breakbeatpimp, 7 Sep 2006 
Aurora Silk 
I very much enjoyed this piece too... I like those synths, they sound nice and warm. Perhaps a chord change would be a welcome addition to keep listeners interested. The vocals fit nicely and the drums are very interesting... I dig'm. Nice track. Very Happy 
--electric salmon, 31 Aug 2006 
Aurora Silk 
Beautiful, and in a nice way. Not the music that gives me tears in my eyes, but music that I just enjoy. The vocals are great, they make the song more interesting. The mastering is done quite well, the drums are exactly good. The song is long enough to be used in things like games and movies, yet short enough to just be listened to. The synths are beautiful and full, not too loud, and they fit the theme, which also is quite good. 

This is just one great job Thumbs up. Keep it up! Headphones

--rechosen, 27 Aug 2006 
Random Equations 
dood, fuckin great stuff here. added to station. 
--order of elim, 8 Sep 2006 
Random Equations 
you created a nice soundscape. the constant buzzing and droning in the background makes it feel like you're in a decrepit factory somewhere. but then you have this little groove running underneath. not the kind of stuff I listen to a lot, but I can appreciate the work 

interesting stuff.

--merlinmcbain, 8 Sep 2006 
Random Equations 
I love this track TE -- added to my station 
--2ndMouse, 5 Sep 2006 
Random Equations 
enjoyed!! very different to what you have done before that I have heard. 
--timotyp, 5 Sep 2006 
Random Equations 
I think you work as fast as i do TE , and your tracks have taken a huge leap since the first ones i heard.
This , at first impression , sounds to me like the best i've heard yet.
Really nice use of layering with the beats. Creates a really nice undulating pattern that strikes a chord with me. Very unusual , and very clear production....plenty of space and yet tight at the same time. I think this would sound great on our first compilation. It goes almost " The Doors " for a second when the organ comes in , and it gives it almost an " orb " or Ozric Tentacles vibe.
Really nice work TE -- liked it a lot and it brought a smile to my face -- nice clicks at the end as well...unexpected -- you're onto somethin...keep it up matey
--2ndMouse, 5 Sep 2006 
Open Your Mind 
Loved the overall sound and vibe of this track and it's got a hypnotic quality to it. 
--.blipp., 5 Sep 2006 
Open Your Mind 
You know what, you are the new 2ndMouse. Shocked 

Anyway, this song is endearing in its repetition. Really can't say much more... my brain is fried today.

--arglebargle, 29 Aug 2006 
Open Your Mind 
i like it Razz 

enjoyable listen, reminds me of blade runner? i like the subtle edits you have in your beat.... are powerful too you pad/synth jockey!!! Wink Wink

very nice d00ood, i enjoyed it!

--timothyp, 31 Aug 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
Some great rhythmic patches in this TE....really nice , sounds very smooth and effortless.
Sonar is doin' ya the world of good. Love that Vangelis type lead in the background. Yeah , this takes me away somewhere really day-dreamy.
I have to say it again , that lead is awesome !! The whole thing just sounds so clean and well produced as well. Very Juan Atkins in places , and conjures up similar pictures in my mind.
Would have loved it to gradually fade out in a wash of delay , kinda blending all the notes into one kinda drone , and a bit of sub to fill out the bottom-end more , but I agree with Tim in that ya definitely have somethin' good here.
--2ndMouse, 30 Aug 2006 
Think you may have to change your name cos it seems to be moving away from ambient , and its a change for the better may i add.
The first thing that strikes me about Kathartic is its warmth -- did you use something like PSP vintage warmer to kinda bunch it up ? whatever ya did , it sounds good to my ears !!
Likin those vocal samples -- thats somethin im running out of , and desperately would like to find more just stopped really abruptly.
I like it , as an atmosphere , but i think i'd need to listen a few more times to connect with the melody cos the chord sequences are really really long and its hard to latch onto on first listen , but i still like it though.
Good job TE !!
--2ndMouse, 23 Aug 2006 
i liked it! nice work and feel to my ears! 
--timotyp, 23 Aug 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
"Zarrathustras vorrede" ----- has that same epic Jarre sound ( which i love ).
really like the panned rhythmic elements later on . Would be the perfect compliment to images of a Nasa satellite swingin by one of Jupiters moons cos it gives that kinda vibe. Both tracks really well executed , with plenty of space , warmth , and stereo richness.

Great stuff TE !!

Das Kind Mit Dem Spiegel 
Hey TE --- listenin to "Das Kind mit dem Spiegel" --- it reminds me of jean-michel-jarre in terms of style. That huge gliding lead is class !! some nice reverse beat action goin on in the background ( didnt realise while the synths were coverin it -- had to listen closely ) , but yeah , very reminiscent of " equinox " and " oxygene " , which were in my mind , absolute classics.
Great work TE !!
--2ndMouse, 27 June 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
Sounds interesting. Not the usual mellow I'm used to hear.
I like that kinds of wah wah sonority with plenty of reverb.
The vocal is nice too and fits the song.
There is not much variation but strangely it doesn't bodered me. The differents synth added here and there kept me away from being bored.
If i had to say something would be the little abrupt ending...that's all Wink

Nice one !

--Alex PG, 3 Sept 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
The main "wah" synth that carries the rythym is really interesting. this whole tune gives off an unique vibe. The lead lines and pads that float in and out keep things changed up, but the piece did get a bit repetitive to my ears after awhile. 
--merlinmcbain, 3 Sept 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
Unique sounding and strangely hypnotic. Good one. 
--.blipp. 3 Sept 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
Your music is too good to be promo'd Wink. People can't find any things that could be better. Anyway, I like your ambient tracks more than this one, but I can't think of anything sensible to say about it. 
--rechosen, 3 Sept 2006 
Midnightblue Dream 
I like this mate. Interesting flow to it 
--Breakbeatpimp, 3 Sept. 2006 
Very epic sounding track. It sounds like the vocals should be sung from the top of a mountain. I liked the swathes of pad sounds that washed over the track. There was a sound in there that made me think of a mellotron. Enjoyed. Cool 
--.blipp., 24 August 2006 
some very nice pads there, remind of another song but i can't put my finger on it, superb vocal there to. cool beat, one problem I think though is it seems to be a bit squashed by the power of those pads... Still very nice track mate, good work.
--Nuff X, 22 August 2006 
Mountain of the Eternal Voyage 
I realy can imagine it as a movie soundtrack.
Like a tence preliminary/preparation before an action/combat scene.
It has a good ambiance and the vocals are nice.


--Alex PG, 22 August 2006 
Mountain of the Eternal Voyage 
I like this, slow reflective ambience, it definitely worked for me. I always like those slowly evolving phased pads, I've used similar sounds before. Punchy drums and some interesting evolution as well, the vocal is cool and effectively woke me up! Cool 


--Northcape, 21 August 2006 
Mountain of the Eternal Voyage 
very smoove track, man. I really enjoyed the attention to melodic detail in this one... nice and slow moving, reflective piece. Vocals fit nice as well. I see what wushu is saying, though, would be a great track to get heavy on. Nice work! 
--electric salmon, 19 August 2006 
Mountain of the Eternal Voyage 
Nice and dreamy. I liked the etherial feel to this and the minimilist percusion. I think a melody or two on top would really add something to it though. Something like a light bell tye sound/arp. Enjoyed. Cool 
--.blipp., 15 August 2006 
Dr. Gonzo 
this is pretty nuts... feels like i have a wicked caffeine buzz or something. Excellent sample choices - love that movie. Overall a bit too hectic for my tastes but I can definitely respect this. 
--electric salmon, 11 August 2006 
pretty dope 
--Fil-Am_L, 7 August 2006 
Nice screamers in this one so far. Good pronounced bassline. Wowza the first 2 min flew by. 

around the 2 min mark esque where the second kickline come in, it really loses a lot of punch. IMO start some reading on compression. Not a diss just a point in the right direction to expand the old bean as it were.

Lots of good ideas here. I like a crisper hh counter rhythm to accent the bass and emphasize the timing more. to me Techno should be a little more mechanical.

--onemob, 7 August 2006 
Woah! This is good! Massive, but with the details still hearable. Nice effects! I can imagine being in a room at 0.00 with this music on, and things in the room coming alive and flying around. Great job! 
--rechosen, 4 August 2006 
really deep score-sounding track. those digital synth screams make the track for me. 

all the little lfo work, the synth selection, all nicely done.


--Putty, 2 August 2006 
Very dark and if I was to listen to this with the lights out, Id be well scarred. Ive said this to you before but I’ll say it again, I love the way you combine so many sounds together, and you do it effortlessly. Nice work! 
--pastichio medley, 2 August 2006 
Hi t.e. 

This is very very nice indeed !!! Cleverly woven orchestratal elements and suitably scary organ melded with contemporary ambient sounds and treatments. Got a nice and demented horror film feel. Cold dark and slightly unhinged. I'm a sucker for this type of music........more please.


PS - love the 'ghost' wailing sound over the top of this track.

--Amorphix, 2 August 2006 
Total E 
cool track i like it when it sounds like you can hear whats playing in the next room or bad dj mixing if you know what i mean, a sort of controlled chaos throughout, a bit like stumbling around in a dark place when paranoid, i like it Cool 
--Wushuman, 4 August 2006 
Total E 
i left you feed on DSR so i'll comment on the new version here... Razz 

I like the little stagger you put in the kicks.

The sounds int he 1:21 area IMO could be effected a bit more and placed further back int he mix.

Thatsa weird half time sounding Claw acid sound.

The mix gets really thick around 4 min. Nice work on keeping things clean

--onemob, 3 August 2006 
Total E 
kewl track man, the only thing that kinda gets me is that snare that seemed to be offtimed - but otherwise, class track Smile 

but you said on dsr that it was on purpose so yeah...

keel track nonetheless.

--absorb fish, 4 August 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
Yes, very good ambient music, would like to hear more your works. Voted your songs. 
--Xenia, 29 July 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
Very nicely arranged, yea it does have a sci fi edge to it. This just delves into your head and swirls around, I love how you manage to have so many sounds working off each other. Excellent stuff man. 
--pastichio medley, 29 July 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
indeed a very nice ambient track, I'm just reading the H2G2, and this zones in just brilliant. i like the dubby feeling the track has! 


--veldgeest, 28 July 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
this was nice ambient work,this would work well in a video game,it was well put together and nicely recorded so i added it to my station for its chill factor Cool 
--Natmoon, 28 July 2006 
Seven Viewpoints 
cool song!
the filthy beats kick in nicely, i like the way how the tempo kicks in!
Now I'm even more weary of juridical arrets than i was Smile

twee duimen omhoog!

--veldgeest, 27 July 2006 
Seven Viewpoints 
Love the track, nice work! 
--cult of wedge, 25 July 2006 
Seven Viewpoints 
fantastic track. loved the lead in up to the beats...the tempo change was great, too, man. really interesting. 

another tight track. nice work..

--Putty, 25 July 2006 
Summer Life 
hats off to you for the beats, they break the way they should. The arrangement is mad, but it works. I like it, to me its seems you are trying to defy normal structure which is what I think IDM is all about. Nice work. 
--pastichio medley, 20 July 2006 
Nice one total, 

Realy love that kind of ambiance.
This kind of sounds were often used in goa trance, and i was a fan. You did it differently here but in a very nice way.


--Alex PG, 18 July 2006 
You know a song is good on soundclick when you actually listen to the whole thing. And I did! Thanks! 
--djrusselhansen, 17 July 2006 
Interesting atmosphere, quite alien sounding. I like the choral sounds that come in, they definitely widen the track a lot. A bit too repeatitive but its dark and quite wierd stuff. Cool 
--Northcape, 3 July 2006 
This is just great! Very nice beat, too. Well done! 
--rechosen, 1 July 2006 
This is very theatric I liked the build ups and change ups. Just recently I have been finding myself listening to IDM. Very well done and the quality is crystal clear. 
--(International) MoFo, 30 June 2006 
I have to say I really love your music. Any track you've put up, I've found interesting and orginal and always look forward to hearing when you put up a new BSP. Like all your tracks, this one flows well and everything has its right place in the mix. I added this to my station 
--pastichio medley, 17 July 2006 
off work in t minus 2 hours. lord help me. i'll hit this mutha when i gets home. i really dig your tracks, man. respek 
--Putty, 17 July 2006 
I've been listening to that and your other stuff and, well...I dig it, man. I dig it! 
--policyoverkill, 14 July 2006 
This is a really gorgous track with some brilliant sounds. Loved it. This is by far my fave track of yours so far. Excellent. Cool 
--.blipp. (USB), 14 July 2006 
Very spacious kinda misty atmosphere. It's got some really nice elements in it that kept me interested, and i like the use of reversed samples, it's not something i thought about using before, but it works well here.
--birdy3000, 27 June 2006 
this is a beautiful piece, and you can really hear the experience in it. i'd love to know how you got those sounds!>???!11 did you just lo-fi them.? man, that distorted synth part really draws me in. 

fantastic track. absolutely.



edited- that video on your main page scares the fucking shit out of me. especially when i listen to this track t the same time.

--Putty, 27 June 2006 
Non ex omni ligno debet Mercurius exculpi 
I listened to this track and its very atmospheric. Its relaxing yet curious. Like discovering a new beautiful planet as corny and odd as that sounds. Its just an exciting track. 
--yajhil alvarez, 5 July 2006 
Das Kind mit dem Spiegel 
Translates as "The Child With The Mirror"? or similar? 

This is beautifully melodic - and although darkish sounding I found it to be quite an uplifting piece due no doubt to the chord progression. Very acomplished, intelligent piece.

There's an element/hint at Kraftwerk's 'Looking Glass' and 'Showroom Dummies' in there if I'm not mistaken?.... das is gut. Even the greatest stars, dislike themselves in the looking glass...

I love the arpegs, and the whole thing! Maybe not so keen on the reversed rythmn gated sounds to move it along, but I don't mind it. I love the broken up synth thing Dolly mentions around the 3.00 mark - sounds like one of the huge moody M5 synth sounds maybe.... I like it!



--RobotArchie, 27 June 2006 
Das Kind mit dem Spiegel 
like those siren-like strings... thought it was going to start fading out there as it approached two minutes... the noise coming in from around 3:00 is a nice touch - i like the way it disturbs the atmosphere... reversed kick drums (i assume?) sound good too, briefly raising the energy levels... i'd rather see it start to wind down after that though, rather than start up with the siren-strings again at 4:50... 

excellent production... ambient isn't really my thing, but i enjoyed that one. Wink

--dolly the doe eyed bitch hog, 27 June 2006 
Das Kind mit dem Spiegel 
Well, I think it is good as it is now. Nice ambient track! And pleasant details, too! 
--rechosen, 27 June 2006 
Das Kind mit dem Spiegel 
just listened to Das Kind mit dem Spiegel and i liked it enough to add it to my station but i really think it could do with a beat even if its a minimal one just to tighten it up a little bit overall a good quality ambient track added to my station Cool 
--ÑâT¤MõõÑ, 27 June 2006 
Zarathustra's Vorrede 
just completely lost myself in this one. very nice indeed. lots of swirling pads and filter sweeps and percussive echoes. got a very science-fiction-y spound to it. 

nice one Cool


--Amorphix, 26 June 2006 
ohhh freaky Shocked reminded me of that ceremony at shaolin when i didnt know what was going on and the monks started singing really badly and i was trying not to laugh, which of course made it impossible not to...... Confused 

i digress, no infact thats exactly what it is, that was a total trip for me Shocked

mad track, well produced and weird Cool Thumbs up Shocked

--wushuman, 21 June 2006 
quite nice.. checked out some more of your stuff. Its all pretty fascinating. Rock on. 
--order of elim, 21 June 2006 
A la recherche du temps perdu 
listeniing to the french sound title 1,nice opening synths like how they keep building and then the change very nice ,very enjoyable listen for me 
--dlinkquint, 20 June 2006 
Claustrophonic Feeling Remixed 
spinnin the remix right now. The beats sound similar to future sound of london.
I could see this complimenting a story in a film where a major decision has been made by a group of people to work towards some mutual goal , and this would be the " galvanise " section , where they all get the hard work done , and the camera watches each of 'em in turn.
Its got that kinda vibe for me. It's a bit orbital-esque as well.
It doesnt matter that the beat carries on the way it does without any fills , cos its a strong beat that can carry that kinda hypnotic driving feel to it.
Really nice track man -- added to my station and voted " hot " !!
--2ndMOUSE, 14 June 2006 
Claustrophonic Feeling 
Hello there. This is a nice well produced tune. To be honest, I would not class this as drum and bass. Usually (not a definate rule) the tempo of D'n'B is around the 170bpm mark, and often sped up even more by the DJ's. I don't really know what you would class this as, maybe ambient breakbeat? 

In terms of your tune, this is cool and very laid back. Great chill-out track. Your production, arrangement and mix is very good. You obviously have a good musical ear. An on a separate note, the pictures you use are brillient! Do you make them yourself?

Anyway, check you later...

In a bit, Duncan.

--Dr Nimble, 14 June 2006 
Claustrophonic Feeling 
I'm not a DnB expert but I like.
Very relaxing track, different from the nervous DnB I've heard lately(good tunes too btw).


--alex pg, 14 June 2006 
Ey up mate. Very dark (which = very cool in my opinion), and calm. 

I can definately hear the Massive Attack/ Leftfield vibe in this track. Which is definately not a bad thing.

I would agree that a bit of bass wouldn't hurt. And possibly some more variation in the drums (but this will depend on how you have made it. e.g. sample or sequence). If it is sample you could double it up, but start the second loop from the snare drum. This will allow you to create a bit of variation.

Anyways, enough of the patronising advice. I like this, and shall add it to my station.

In a bit, Duncan.

--Dr Nimble, 13 June 2006 
found the intro a bit harsh... I'm listening on headphones so maybe that has something to do with it though. Nice tune, personally I thought it was too far to the rear and the noise was too far forward, just personal taste and this is obviously a bit of an experimental ambient track. This could do with a bit more bass in my opinion, it seemed to need a bassline or at least something to fill that frequency space a bit better ... Interesting track though. 
--northcape, 11 June 2006 
Great track. This had a bit of a "masive attack" vibe to it and is my fave from you so far. Good one. 
--.blipp., 11 June 2006 

another very good peice of music....!!! very dark and gritty. as usual there are some very creative elements woven into this track.

excelent stuff.


--Amorphix, 11 June 2006 
Dark & beautiful piece of music, I really enjoyed listening to this. Will add it to my station. Nice work! 
--pastichio medley, 7 June 2006 
The Clarinet Ensemble 

F*ck me !!! This is immense................ sounds like Man with No Name on crack. There's some serious energy locked into this track. I love it !!!!!


--Amorphix, 3 June 2006 
The Clarinet Ensemble 
I liked this, very dark vibe to it which I love hearing. Good work, everything sounds really full. 
--pastichio medley, 2 June 2006 
The Clarinet Ensemble 
I noticed this isn't your newest, but it's good stuff (as usual from you). I like this more than some of your others as it's faster. It has cool sounds too. 
--DJ Jake, 30 May 2006 
What's your fantasy 
Nice track! 
--RobotArchie, 29 May 2006 
What's your fantasy 
very sexy samples in this... I like the way they play off the synths... crazy stuff, I dig. Nice work, man! 
--electric salmon, 29 May 2006 
Don't you wanna hold me tight 
really like this track, very cool indeed 
--wushuman, 27 May 2006 
Don't you wanna hold me tight 

As always, innovative and on the road marked 'way out'. good sounds, good vibe and loved the underlying pads.....(keep telling you, i'm a sucker for pads ).

nice one !


--Amorphix, 27 May 2006 
Don't you wanna hold me tight 
Although the organ type sound was a bit repetitive, the pad soundscape in the background kept it sounding interesting all the way through. I like the way you try out different styles. 
--.blipp. (USB), 26 May 2006 
Don't you wanna hold me tight 
hey dude i really liked this track was nice and weird and different maybe it could do with a few more noises going on to break up the repetative organ a lil more towards the end but anyway a small crit as this track is very good and i added it to my station
p.s. have you tried the end samples at a female frequency
--ÑâT¤MõõÑ, 27 May 2006 
Don't you wanna hold me tight 
cool track, man. I liked the trippy pads behind the funky drums and synth.... gets you groovin and trippin out at the same time. Nice use of samples and good variation in the beat as well. 
--electric salmon, 26 May 2006 
Earth's force on the Moon 
yes an intriguing piece liked it alot,like the strings that play now and again very sweet,liked it so much i peeped "the bong" aswell,nice groove on it me like's 
--dlinquint, 25 May 2006 
Earth's force on the Moon 
Nice track. very atmospheric and i liked a lot of the sound combinations you used. 
--.blipp. (USB), 25 May 2006 
Earth's force on the Moon 
I was intrigued by the title. This piece is pretty dark and brooding. The combination of synths and ambient noises took me to a different place which was cool. The spoken parts mixed in push the concept ahead nicely. 

Interesting piece.


--merlinmcbain, 24 May 2006 
Earth's force on the Moon 
very atmoshpheric, nice! Really smooth piece with nice samples... I like how you've mutated them as the song goes on. 
--electric salmon, 24 May 2006 
Earth's force on the Moon 
Hello Emptness San,
This is pretty nice indeed. Maybe nice is the wrong word to use!!
drt likes industrial, dark ambient stuff and this is not a bad track but in a sense it almost felt too clean. Liked it though.
The vocals are freaky enough but would have loved to hear the background mutate a bit more, more depth. Sometimes silence is the best music there is, really gives the piece a more dynamic and emotional feel.
Rambling now!!
Nice one,
--drt, 24 May 2006 
Eath's force on the Moon 
Good Morning Mr. Emptiness ! 

Just had a listen to this over breakfast. A gorgeous slab of dark burbling electronica. Theres some neatpanning going on in here which works well and the sounds all sit well in the mix. Liked the understated drums tickling away in the background !! This reminds me of somebody although I can't put my finger on who. Its got touches of Orbital, Salt Tank and even Download.

excellent stuff

--Amorphix, 24 May 2006 
Eath's force on the Moon 
Big Up. 

Some good synth building work here. Very atmospheric. The filtered drum line works well as well. The strings that come in at about 3 mins need to be done more surely I also like the liquid sound in there. Perhaps rolling some lows off the vox with eq may make it sit better.

Listen to me going on! It's really good mate.

--dights, 25 May 2006 
Eart's force on the Moon 
I'm on my 4th Tanqueray and Tonic and dude I'm way ambient...
Great stuff..

See Ya,

--tal rules, 26 May 2006 
Procession to the Cathedral 
Like this one 

I can hear a Dead Can Dance vibe in the underlying bass. I'm also hearing Oneiroid Psychosis and GGFH minus the hard beats and vocal cut ups.

I'd love to hear some hard industrial tecno kick stomping along on this. It'd work............listen to Hocico/Dulce Liquido.


--Amorphix, 18 May 2006 
Procession to the Cathedral 
Total emptiness -- just listenin to " procession to the cathedral an im gettin a Depeche Mode " music for the masses " vibe from it , and i know they arent in the list of influences on your page , but there is an undercurrent of it in there. Its a nice piece. I'm not the worlds best critic of ambient music so i'll leave it to someone much more qualified than me , but suffice to say , in production terms , i heard nothing overtly wrong whatsoever that i heard. 
--2ndmouse, 18 May 2006 
The Bong 
"The Bong" is great. Some very cool sounds you've used and it's well-trippy. Good one. 
--.blipp. (USB), 16 May 2006 
Invocation of the Gods 

I like the fact you've got such a big range of styles on your page, it makes me feel I should be pushing the envelope further...

Listening to 'Invocation of the gods', nice dark atmosphere. I felt that as far as the mix went it sounded a bit muffled, definitely the drums seem to need to be punchier and to cut through more. Apart from that I like this, I just think it could be given a lot more power through the production. Very nice choice of vocal samples, and I like the surreal sound of the whole thing.


--Northcape, 10 May 2006 
Spinning Eternity 
Just checking out Spinning Eternity............This has got some serious presence.............. Fast & loud & in your face technotrance. 

Reminds me of Man With No Name on souped up steroids.............also reminiscent of Empirion (whateer happened to they ?)

I've just been checking out your pages and saw that one of your influences is Tuxedo Moon......... .........Desire is on one of my all time classic albums especially the track 'In the Name of Talent'. I've always wanted to do a cover of that.........

Cool Stuff !

--Amorphix, 10 May 2006 
Aztek Roads Remixed 
Hey, this is some really pro sounding stuff. It wouldn't sound out of place at all in a club. Not at all. Particularly enjoyed the growly bass. As far as CC goes... I feel it's missing a bit of "oomph" in the lower end that a dance track needs. Maybe try to punch up the kick drum? I suppose some people would tell you that it gets a little muddy when you got all the layers going, but for the most part the mixing sounds great. 

Nice job, I'll definitely check out more o' your stuff.

--Alchemystic, 10 May 2006 
Spinning Eternity 
Not a dance fan myself, but i thought Spinning Eternity was brilliant, really mesmerising. I lked the slow build up and i especially liked the parts the pad was in. Enjoyed. 
--.blipp. (USB), 9 May 2006 
Spinning Eternity 
woah this is fast alrite!
the squelch synths are amazingg! the energy this track has...
totally moves....very pumpy!...
the beat is powerful enuf too...

not gonna comment on the mix as i've listened to it on low-fi... wud really love to hear this on club PAs...this shit's bangin' man!

great work...


--Omnisine, 1 mei 2006 
Total Emptiness 
You're right ...
Meditate and float away...
Nice sound portraits..
--tal rules, 12 april 2006 
Pleasant Dream 
I'm sitting here on my 3rd Tanqueray & tonic and having pleasant dreams listening to this.. 
--tal rules, 29 Apr 2006 
Total Emptiness 
very nicely made music for chilling to here only listened to total emptiness will have a listen to some more when i can added this track to my station excellently recorded 
--ÑâT¤MõõÑ, 12 Apr 2006 

Neon Medication


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Mic Most

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