The Ambient Society





Ayurveda (meditational orientronic mantra)


Neon Medication (Feat. Mic Most) (Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B)

Neon Medication

Down The Hatch (feat. Spades) (cinematic vocal emotronica)

Down The Hatch

Phantom Frequencies (esotheric poetic avant garde)

Phantom Frequencies

Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble (feat. Don Feltges)            

The Ambient Society   

Oriental XTC (feat Mella) by The Ambient Society released 12-09-2011 !

The Ambient Society  

Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie by The Ambient Society released 21-03-2011

The Ambient Society  Buy Audio CD here !

The Ambient Society - Livin Da High Life (feat. Spades) released 21-06-2010
The Ambient Society  Buy Audio CD here ! 
The Ambient Society has a background in classical music, and produces dreamy ambient nu electronica music, such as esoteric, downtempo, avant garde, mellow and trip hop, but also alternative, psychedelic, epic IDM, indietronic and eclectic electronica. The Ambient Society often uses orchestral elements in his music, overlaid by progressive drums and ethereal synths, for rich, intricate harmonic progressions that create a full, complex sound.
In his twenties, Mauritz, also known as ''The Ambient Society'', began composing and producing electronica music via computer. Peer review by SoundClick and Future State of Rhythm (FSOR) communities helped him grow as a composer. He was awarded Electronica Artist of the Month in November 2006 by SoundClick, at that time one of the world’s biggest music sites, and his creations were also awarded Track Pick of the Week, and The Most Popular Track This Month by SoundClick’s Electronica Forum. Furthermore, he earned 12 awards on Garageband with his experimental song ''Perception''.
Early 2007 The Ambient Society created the lead track of the PBMRecords (Los Angelos USA) for Obama compilation. 
The Ambient Society is featured on 2 Future State Of Rhythm compilations. 

The Ambient Society released a 4 song EP on CLLT (USA)

In early 2008, The Ambient Society did 3 Morcheeba remixes which were received very well by audiences worldwide. The Ambient Society did a remix of Aurora by Bj√∂rk.
In 2009 The Ambient Society had his first Beatport and Junodownload releases, on various Another Chance Records (Barcalona, Spain) compilations:
Everything is Everywhere, Alive In Limbo and Gold Series Vol. 1
SampleOakRecords (UK) released Polygon Lunasol by The Ambient Society, in November 2009.
Since December 2009 The Ambient Society is a Republic (Universal Media Group) artist, and released Clairvoyance ft Suzy. Full album coming soon...
In 2010 The Ambient Society performed live at the Solar Weekend Festival by Extrema.
In 2010 The Ambient Society Ft Spades - Livin Da High Life was released worldwide, in digital and physical formats.
In 2010 2 The Ambient Society tracks made it into Fwonk 50, an anniversary netlabel compilation. Fwonk also released the Phantom Frequencies EP.

In 2010 The Ambient Society was interviewed on Tunecore about marketing and promoting music. Check it out here !

In 2011 The Ambient Society released 2 albums: Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie and Too Much Inspiration On Raspberry Days (feat. Suzy).

In 2011 The Ambient Society did a remix + video of Belle Phoenix - Dancing All The Time.

In 2011 The Ambient Society released Oriental XTC (feat. Mella) and Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble (feat. Don Feltges).

Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble world premiere performed by Concert Band ''De Eendracht Neer'' (arrangement:Ad Lamerigts) October 23th 2011 (LBM Bondsconcours @ Oranjerie Roermond).

Jugurtha world premiere performed by Concert Band ''L'Union'' Heythuysen(dir. Erik Somers) feat. Michaela Karadjian (De Nederlandse Opera) on November 19th 2011.

The Ambient Society has been featured in various Side-Line magazine reviews.

The Ambient Society @ Extrema Solarweekend Festival 2011 together with Festival Make-up! 

The Ambient Society @ Extrema Solarweekend Festival 2012, feat Festival Make-Up, Ensemble Zuiderwind, The New Clarinet Symphonics, MuziekPlein Neer, Dr Funkenstein, DJ H4l0, AvelVV and Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie ! Klassieke muziek, DJ's en poezie!

The Ambient Society @ Extrema Solarweekend Festival 2013, feat various classical ensembles such as Di Legno. Pics !

2014 Neon Medication feat. Mic Most worldwide release: Hip-Hop meats EDM !

The Ambient Society is currently working on an EP together with Tia Leslie, creating a various artists compilation, preparing various collabs for release, an EP with Mic Most, and working on the third album with Spades - and finishing his 2nd album with Joachim Zemmour! 

The Ambient Society has been featured on Alien Airtime, Universal Mind Radio, RadioGetsWild, WomensRadio, Live365, InsomniaFM, ScrubRadio, Cosmic Dimensions Radio, StreamlineFM, AloogaFM, MusicNerve, Ridderradio, Future State Of Rhythm Radio, InsomniaFM, DandelionRadio, Lansingerland FM, Radio UK International, Radio Basingstroke, Covent Garden radio, Radio Clandestino, Radio get Wild and lots of other podcasts, FM and netradio stations...
The Ambient Society also performs live, with his ADK Pro Audio laptop, keyboard and his Akai EWI, and has his own area on Solar Weekend Festival by Extrema, together with Festival Make-Up. The Ambient Society is involved in music projects, remixes and collabs with artists, ensembles and vocalists from The Netherlands (Michaela Karadjian, Suzy, Mella, Don Feltges, Sylvia Van Swieten, TNCS), Australia (Joshua Spades), UK (Paul Groom & Dave Pugh (Absorption), 2ndMouse, Risch, Anna), France (Clara Van Vliet), USA (Tia Leslie, Paul Burke, Mic Most), New Zealand (Refrag), Singapore and India.

Neon Medication


The Ambient Society

Dope  vocals  by

Mic Most

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