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2014. Neon Medication (Feat. Mic Most) (Hip-Hop, EDM, R&B)

2013. House of Dance Delights (vocal house, club, dance, Ibiza)

2013. Down The Hatch (Cinematic Vocal Emotronica)
2012. Ayurveda (New Age, Downtempo, Vocal Electronica)
2011. Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble (feat. Don Feltges)  
2011. Oriental XTC (feat. Mella) (sensual cinematic orientronic)
2011. Too Much Inspiration On Raspberry Days (feat. Suzy) (alternative, vocal, spoken word)
2011. Joachim Zemmour's Ambroisie (poetry, spoken words)
2010. Livin Da High Life (feat. Spades) (vocal, indietronic)
2009. Clairvoyance ft Suzy (Single)
2009. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (holiday, family, children's music) (Single)
2009. Airfield ft Paul Burke (vocal, ambient, psychedelic) (Single)
2009. Polygon Lunasol (eclectic nu stonertronic, nu tech house)
2009. Music For Meditation (meditative and relaxing - yoga & zen)
2008. Rhythm 'n Stealth II Ft. Mic Most (electronica meets hip hop 2.0) (Single)
2008. Ambient Era (ethereal, meditative, cinematic)
2008. Phantom Fundamental (esotheric psybient avant garde with spoken words)
2008. Underground (ambient, lounge, chillout, cinematic, psychedelic)
2007. D35ign (cinematic, ambient, lounge, chillout, epic IDM, avant garde)
2006. Endemic Endorphine (eclectic nu electronica with orchestral elements)  
2006. Sonic Sonority (dreamy vocal electronic chillout with classical influences)
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Neon Medication


The Ambient Society

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Mic Most

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