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The Ambient Society creates music with a uniqueness all their own. The brainchild of Netherlands composer and producer Mauritz Kop, their music is geared toward an Electronic narrative style, which really must be heard to fully appreciate. They record in the Electronic, Vocal, Poetic/Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, Chillstep, Alternative, Industrial, and Classical genres.

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The Ambient Society’s sound can be characterized as imaginative, immensely multi-layered, thematically diverse, and sonically rich; poetic music with an otherworldly vibe, like a beautifully modulated meditation on epic melody. Their original style, which often combines narration and story telling, has garnered high praise in both numerous publications and websites dedicated to music and art. The magic of their music lies in the complex and challenging sonic vision of Mauritz Kop, which is both inspiring and thought-provoking. That style has been noticed by numerous classical orchestras, bands, and artists, who have commissioned The Ambient Society’s artistic vision for their own projects. Among those artists are Tia Leslie, Joshua Spades, Mic Most, Michaela Karadjian and Joachim Zemmour. The Ambient Society is currently working with full orchestras, among other assignments for projects slated to be released in 2014.

Neon Medication (feat. Mic Most) (hip-hop, edm, R&B), released 14-05-2014

Neon Medication

Ayurveda (meditational orientronic mantra) released 12-12-2012


Ayurveda review in Side Line Magazine:
'' I’ve to say that this album was an absolute masterpiece. The Ambient Society explored a pure electro-ambient universe mixed with Eastern chants and influences whole driven by a sensual down-tempo rhythmic.''

Down The Hatch (feat. Spades) (cinematic vocal emotronica) released 14-02-2013 !

Down The Hatch

Phantom Frequencies (esotheric poetic avant garde) 2008 re-release

Phantom Frequencies

Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble (feat. Don Feltges)             released 11-10-2011   

The Ambient Society   


Oriental XTC (feat Mella) by The Ambient Society released 12-09-2011

The Ambient Society


The Ambient Society - Oriental XTC (feat. Mella)  preview @ iTunes

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The Ambient Society Artist interview on marketing and promotion on Tunecore:

3 Key Ways to Promote Your Music from: The Ambient Society Feat. Spades

The Ambient Society @ Extrema Solarweekend Festival 2012 and 2013 together with Festival Make-up!

Ambient Era (ethereal, meditative, cinematic)

Ambient Era

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Neon Medication


The Ambient Society

Dope  vocals  by

Mic Most

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